Support in Spain

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If you live in and around Madrid, you’ve come to the right place. This is the website of the Madrid Branch; read on to find out who to contact.

If you live elsewhere in Spain except Andalucía you will find a list of branches you may wish to contact in the Spain District North page at

If you live in Andalucía you will find a list of branches in the Spain South page at

The Royal British Legion has 92 branches outside the United Kingdom. There is a list of overseas branches on the RBL website.

Contact us

You do not have to be a member of The Royal British Legion to receive our help, and for a list of those who we can help, please see the ‘Who do we support?’ section below.

Help can come from providing expert advice and guidance, to recovery and rehabilitation, and it’s not just members of the Armed Forces (serving or veteran), but their families too.

If you would like to speak or chat to someone at the UK National Helpline, then please go to and select ‘Contact’ from the front page. Anyone can use the UK National Helpline, irrespective of where they are in the world.

If you would like to speak to the Spain North District Welfare Coordinator, then email , or call on +34 676 451 780 (native English speaker).

If you would like help in the local Madrid area, or just want to chat to someone about anything, then please email Branch Community Support Officer on , or call on +34 606 357 397 (native English speaker).

Who do we support?

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We’re dedicated to supporting not only serving and ex-serving personnel but the whole of the Armed Forces community, including dependants and carers. This includes:

  • Currently serving and ex-service personnel who have received one day of pay.
  • Reserve or Auxiliary personnel, or those who have previously served.
  • Those who have served with the Mercantile Marine afloat in hostile waters.
  • Current or previous full-time members of Allied Civil Police Forces.
  • Those entitled to the campaign medal issued to the Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force to those giving them direct support or under their command.
  • Any member of Voluntary Aid Societies who has served full-time and in uniform in direct support of the United Kingdom Armed Forces.
  • Any British subject (by birth or otherwise) who has served one day in the Forces of an Allied nation during hostilities and received one day of pay from that nation.
  • Any British subject (by birth or otherwise) who served in a resistance organisation of an Allied nation during hostilities in which the United Kingdom Armed Forces were engaged.
  • Any person who served in the Home Guard for at least six months, or in a Bomb and Mine Disposal Unit for at least three months.
  • Any person who was awarded the Defence Medal in respect of service in the Home Guard or in a Bomb and Mine Disposal Unit.

We can also provide support for Commonwealth citizens who are residents in the UK as well as past and present members of the Brigade of Gurkhas and their families.

Dependants can include children, spouses and partners. This includes widows/widowers and those who were formerly a partner of a serving or ex-serving individual.

Other dependants include relatives, those living with serving or ex-serving personnel or those dependent on them.